Things, people, & places I need to thank before I graduate

There is a word that every senior fears: graduation. In fact, the word is illegal in my apartment as my roommates and I have banished it’s existence from our living space. This has made for a happy & healthy environment. But the inevitable is coming and it’s coming SOON- sooner than any of us would like. There is this fear within us all- and i see it in every senior I come in contact with- that we will never be the same once we turn our tassels and call ourselves Alumni. It’s true: we will never be the same. The way we have been for the past 4 years is a way we will never be again, but that doesn’t mean that we never were that way and that’s the important thing to remember: we are so lucky to have been this way. The things we’ve done with our 4 years have been shaping us, and I believe that is more important than forever remaining this way. Though it seems unfair that we are growing up and leaving a place we love, Penn State never promised our eternal youth, but has been promising us since day one that it will mold us and shape us and prepare us for what lies ahead.


I’ve spent the past 4 years of my life at a wonderful place. About 4 years ago, I got a letter in the mail letting me know that Penn State wanted me to be a student at University Park and it wasn’t too long after that that I decided that I wanted Penn State to be my new home. Little did I know, I was about to encounter many unique things, people, & places throughout my time in college. These things, people, & places have been surprising, shaping, inspiring, and exciting me since my very first day on campus. I remember sitting next to 2 girls named Kelly & Aubrey at my very first dinner in Pollock Commons and to this day, Kelly & Aubrey are still my best friends. I remember getting a phone call letting me know I was selected to be a R&R committee member for THON and since then, THON has been the most motivating & inspiring thing in my life. I remember receiving my first “A” on a paper and how I was empowered to keep working hard.

There are been many little moments in the last 4 years that have made me realize all the greatness that was in myself. There were moments where I felt really low, and there were moments where I felt so invincible that it seemed impossible. I guess I never really took the time to look back on everything that happened over the last 4 years until I sat down to write this. 4 years certainly cannot be summed up in one blog post, but I have tried to think of moments that changed me, places & things that I love about Penn State, & people that have stepped into my life that inspired me; they all deserve some thanks.

Many people, places, and things over the last 4 years have prepared me for this moment in time: Graduation. SO, thank you:

  1. Creamery Ice Cream
  2. Beaver Stadium Zombie Nations
  3. Wings Over
  4. 404 Shunk Hall
  5. my ENG 015 Professor who shouted at me in the middle of class to ‘make a damn decision already’ on my major
  6. BIO 141 for reminding me I’m not invincible
  7. my freshman year RA who told me to apply for THON
  8. THON in general IMG_7430
  9. the Yazmanian Devils
  10. AlexTHONder the gR&Reats
  11. the Apple Jacksons
  12. the TyrANNIEsaurus R&Rexes
  13. R&RelentlESs
  14. VictoR&RiouS
  15. Will Martin & Ryan Patrick
  16. The $49,431,130.15 that THON raised for the Four Diamonds over the 4 years I’ve been here
  17. Insomnia cookies, esp. the s’mores deluxe cookie
  18. 800 West College Ave for hosting awesome parties as well as witnessing some of my most favorite college memories
  19. the girl who was crying in the bathroom in Shunk Hall over her hair that wasn’t curling perfectly for Sorority Recruitment that made me realize I didn’t want to be in a Sorority
  20. My advisor for not thinking I’m crazy for sending her 4 emails in 30 mins because I’m flipping out over my future
  21. Chipotle burrito bowls
  22. 130 Thompson Hall
  23. West Hall cookies 463183_10150612889960418_775067837_o
  24. West Hall paninis
  25. the Harry Potter room & our study sesh’s
  26. Harry Potter Weekends binge watching with my roommates
  27. Netflix for inspiring me to start 4 different shows in one day with my roommates
  28. That one time that me and my roommates watched “SwimFan” 4 times in one day, twice with the director’s commentary
  29. CSD 301 (Acoustics, once again thanks for reminding me that I’m not invincible)
  30. Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee (BAE)
  31. Finals Week Spring 2014
  32. that bad wine Kelly and I drank that one time
  33. margaritas
  34. The living room couch for being so cozy that it soothes my drunk ass to sleep
  35. daylongs
  36. fight songs
  37. tailgatesIMG_6295
  38. Sam Ficken
  39. Michael Mauti (BAE)
  40. those pics of Ryan Gosling that inspire me to study (“hey girl, good luck in life” is a recent one i saw THX RYAN)
  41. Baby’s Milkshake Monday
  42. The Penn State Parking Authorities for never letting me forget that I indeed parked my car in the wrong lot (bye bye $15)
  43. Natty Light
  44. the care packages my Grandy would send me with stale cookies in them (i ate them anyway)
  46. My lovely friends for never saying “no” to the question, “Do you wanna order food and watch disney movies?”
  47. ^ same thing as above but to the question, “Do you want some wine?”
  50. McDonalds chicken nuggets for curing even the worst hangover
  51. Phyrst Long Islands
  52. Phyrst Coors Light Pitchers IMG_7751
  53. Phyrst Phries
  54. Phyrst Stars & Stripes
  55. Phyrsty Phursdays
  56. Phyrst Phridays
  57. Sunday Phunday
  58. Cafe $4.50 Pitchers
  59. Cafe Skillet Fries
  60. the Second breakfast shots
  61. the Second cheesesteak eggrolls
  62. Mad Mex Wings
  63. Mad Mex Margs
  64. Darkhorse Trivia
  65. The Gaff and “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” by Whitney Houston
  66. 310 Nick Towers
  67. The recent days I’ve spent with my roommates sitting on our balcony, drinking beer, and talking about anything and everything; it’s times like those where real memories are made
  68. the fact that we have 3 refrigerators in my apartment and one of them is specifically a “drink fridge”
  69. Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee (deserves another mention)
  70. State Patty’s Days
  71. Blue & White Weekends
  72. Homecoming Weekends
  73. Halloweekends
  74. THON Weekends
  75. my old ass white Macbook that still works like new470830_10151080906850418_697729092_o
  76. my Parka coat
  77. rainboots
  78. Downy Wrinkle Release
  79. yoga pants
  80. Bud Light (once I turned 21 I decided to graduate from Natty to Bud ~*fancy*~)
  81. Target
  82. CVS
  83. Advil
  84. PNC Bank (mainly for acting so fast to decline my card when I’m spending too much at Phyrst)
  85. my roommates from every year
  86. my awesome Scholarship BEST & mentor Katie
  87. all my cousins (who told me I would LOVE college and to not be afraid of it) 1498121_10151814964850418_1974382546_o
  88. all of my aunts and uncles
  89. my best friends at school who laughed & cried & listened & studied & drank & watched & raged & ran around with me for 4 years
  90. my best friends from home who missed & loved & laughed & cried & supported & texted & called & helped me from many many miles away
  91. my brothers who have inspired me every single day of my life to keep working hard even though the odds are against you
  92. my nephew who keeps me grounded and often times reminds me that the best things in life are the simple things that you can still find so much enjoyment in
  93. my dad who taught me to work hard for what you want and you will get it and who loves me so much that it seems impossible at times
  94. and finally my mom who listened to me cry over the phone from many many miles away and resisted the urge to drive out here and fight my battles for me and who genuinely cared about all the little things i did as a person for fun, as well as care about what i did as a student for my education and who pushed me to do more for myself everyday and made sure my head was on straight

To everyone who I met over these last four years: for those who let me borrow a pencil, picked up my phone that I dropped, held the door open for me, cheered with me at a football game, hugged me in the HUB (shout out to 209), sat for a coffee with me, clinked a drink with me, commiserated over a test with me, and enjoyed the greatness that is Penn State with me, I thank you so much. Penn State: don’t stop doing what you do best- giving people a unique experience over 4 years while dazzling them everyday with knowledge, laughter, memories, color, and pride. I couldn’t be happier or sadder to be a Penn State graduate. I’ll miss you, I love you, I’ll be back.


One thought on “Things, people, & places I need to thank before I graduate

  1. Hi I’m doing a little bit of research on Shunk hall. I’m going to be living there as a freshman this fall. Is this the hall that has the special changing area inside the showers?


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