I’m Not Headed Back To College Right Now & It’s The Worst


The mistake is not that I graduated from college; that is a great accomplishment. But my mistake is that I’m on social media.

OH THE PAIN of the snapchat stories of people in my favorite bar, the instagrams of Creamery Ice Cream, the Facebook albums entitled ‘Round 3, Back at it’. I love all my friends who are younger than me and will be returning to campus this fall and will be having super fun times, but I feel like texting them and being like, “do me a favor and don’t put anything on your social media about school so I stay sane here in Phillipsburg”. Or I could unfollow them, but my social media karma would go way down (yeah that’s a thing).

Oh help me, how am I gonna get used to life here in Phillipsburg after spending 4 years at one of the most fun schools in America???!?!?!

Post-grad blues suck and they are really starting to kick in because it is back to school time. It seems as if everyone is going back to where all the fun happens and I’m here in my bedroom with a dying laptop battery online shopping for things I can’t afford.


So here’s some reasons I feel like poop right now:

  1. This gif
    • http://33.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m5wba8ni1i1qm6oc3o1_500.gif
  2. I don’t understand Apple Music
    • But I bet if I was at school someone could help me!!! & am I that old where I don’t understand technology now?
  3. Fall at school is the best
    • If you don’t understand why, you don’t have a soul. Football, PSL’s all around, the clothes, the tailgates, the start of clubs, Homecoming, Halloweekend, MY SOUL LIVES FOR THAT SHIT
  4. I have all this Penn State Gear and no where to wear it
    • WHERE THE HECK can I wear this adorable PSU Hair Bow??? This tutu from THON? NOT WORK!
  5. I wanna be at the Phyrst but I am not.
    • Happy. Hour. Now.
  6. I wanna be laying out on Old Main but I’m not
    • It’s raining in Phillipsburg I want the sun on my skin and the sound of construction of the HHD building in my ears
  7. The HHD Building is completed and I don’t get to use it
    • I know where my tuition went though!! #CollegeOfHealthAndHumanDevelopment
  8. I want Canyon Fries but I’m eating an English muffin
    • -__________-
  9. Everything in Target right now is based around going back to school
    • TARGET, you are my sanctuary- please stop betraying me. I don’t need a shower caddy but that pretty teal/sea foam green one you have is so pretty I want it so badly. Same with those sheets. & that spatula.

And here’s some advice to the people headed back to school right now:

  1. Don’t waste your days
    • You don’t have that many!! Stop thinking you do!! I’m talking to you too, Freshmen! Do something everyday that is exciting & fun. I know you have to study & work hard, but don’t forget to throw your smile on and get some air.
  2. Do something that requires all the passion you have inside of you
    • Throw yourself into a project, club, cause, etc. Leave your mark. Trust me. You’ll feel better that you did.
  3. Study hard & put time into post-grad plans
    • Don’t think the inevitable is not coming. You too will be in my shoes one day. Don’t do so little for your future that you end up lost post-graduation (aka me, like cmon I have a blog).
  4. Take pictures
    • You’ll be sad when all you have to remember a night is the word of your roommate who also doesn’t remember it too well. You’ll want to blurry pictures from the bar, the Frat bathroom mirror shots, the tailgate pics, the 3am delusional with your friend in the library pics even. Snap it all.
  5. If a drink is on special, BUY IT. DRINK IT. SMILE ABOUT IT.
    • If you think you’re gonna find $2 Long Islands and $3 Coors Pitchers anywhere but a college town, you’re kidding yourself.

Remember: everyone who has graduated EVER wants to be you. You’re the shit. And I envy you.


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