What Happens When You Are Reunited With Your Long Distance Best Friends for A Night Out

I asked one of my friends what I should write about, and she just responded with “tequila”. ‘NEAT IDEA’ I thought, but then I also gagged a little.

I have written many other posts that were a little more serious and controversial and while I’m happy with them and want to post them, this week just seems like a good one for some lightheartedness on the Facebook, Twitter, & Blogesphere of the world.

For some reason the idea of tequila sparked inspiration ( ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ).

In any event, a few weeks ago I was reunited with a few of my bestest friends from college at Homecoming. AND this weekend I will be reunited with a few more.

I get really excited at the idea of friendship interactions anymore because, even though I do have friends here in Phillipsburg, there really is nothing like the feeling of reuniting with a long distance friend. I feel so deprived ever since graduation. https://i1.wp.com/38.media.tumblr.com/2b44bed27620c2e7ecc3c160d1d371af/tumblr_nwq5jaSIlg1rc3z3ro1_500.gif

There are so many things that happen as you are about to reunite with friends. And they are all exciting things. Like I’m thinking about it right now and I’m getting super pumped. (OK really how lame is my life that I get this pumped up just thinking about a simple night out with a friend.)

I jump on any opportunity to get the heck out of this town and have interactions with someone other than my dog and Meredith Grey via Netflix.

Here’s what happens when you are about so see your friends that you haven’t seen in what feels like INFINITY (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ns8SbMQGNMs)

  1. The initial text


“Do you have any plans this weekend?” Well you see, friend, I live East of NOWHERE so I actually most definitely do not have any plans this weekend. The group text bursts with heart eye emojis and the clinking beer emojis and “AHHHHHHH” and “I’m so pumped” and “I might throw up I’m so exicted”. A fire is lit in your soul and you feel new again.

2. The workweek leading up to Friday sucks


You don’t know how you’re gonna make it through the week knowing that you are about to hug your long lost besties on Friday. How is it only TUESDAY? God, if you have any mercy left to put on my soul, please make the emails stop and the nagging manager sick the rest of the week and the projects stop appearing on my desk.

3. Giving up on waiting and calling out sick on Friday to start the weekend early

HOW MANY PTO DAYS DO I HAVE?! Wow ok yeah see you losers later I am OUT.

4. The “Houston we have landed” text


It was a long drive but you have made it to the promise land. Your best friend is a block away in her sisters apartment with a hot curling iron for you and vodka sodas being made. How blessed are you? The group text has even more heart eyes and clinking beers.

5. The first hug


It feels like home. You’ve missed them so much. And it feels like no time has passed. Nothing else matters because your friends just know how to make you feel like there are no problems. All the work stress, the family stress, the money stress- it all doesn’t matter so much when you are with them.

6. You do all the pregame activities you used to do in college like you can actually keep up with your old self


Someone breaks out the beer bong and puts on the power hour you created in your last two months of senior year. My friends Anno & Kelly take me down this dark path whenever we are reunited. You brace yourself, but you think, “hey I was drinking 10 beers and taking shots of tequila 6 nights a week just about 3 months ago, I’m sure ill be fine to do the same tonight”. Yeah. Logic. You realize your drinking soul is old and you talk about how much you suck at flip cup now. It’s ok; so do your friends. Congrats on being #washedupalumni.

7. Meeting all your friends at your favorite bar & walking in like you still own it (because you do)


Your group spent every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday in this bar. The bouncer greets you as if he’s an old friend of yours. You walk in like it’s your own goddamn runway. You sit at your table like it’s your throne. You look down at the youngin’s as if they are your peasants. More of your royal friends start to show up and your drunken heart cannot take much more happiness and you are on the verge of tears. It’s a beautiful time to be alive.

8. Pretending you make a lot of money now and spend a lot of money on shots

Hey you actually bring home a check every month from work! You can afford one of everything on the menu during ½ off happy hour. You take the 8 shots you ordered back to the table as your bank texts you that you have unusual activity on your account. Even PNC knows your post-grad life is really sad because you usually don’t spend $50 all at once at the bar much.

9. Your friend who actually makes a lot of money and shows up & buys more shots


This one is specifically a shout out to my friend, Lisa, who paid for shots in a $100 BILL and everyone else at the table stared in amazement. Thanks Lis, u the best. You’re also V drunk at this point but Ellie wants another vodka soda and HOW CAN YOU SAY NO TO ELLIE?! You don’t. Where is Kelso? Lauren is speaking a language all her own and Payton’s Red Head is seen at the bar. We are going down, and going down fast.

10. The night ends in talking about how much you love each other & it’s the best 2 hours of your life


But seriously, your friends are the best and you have to tell them atleast 18 times in 10 minutes.

11. You start to cry in the middle of the bar as you say, “It’s not fair we don’t live close to each other”


But seriously. So proud of all you guys for having awesome jobs & grad school things going on but like HELP ME I NEED TO SEE YOU MORE OFTEN.

12. Breakfast


You somehow wake up with all your limbs in tact and are able to go to breakfast. Note to your old self: you can’t drink like you used to. But French toast sounds like the best thing you could ever want so you go to it.

13. You look around and realize that these are your people.


You sit down at the table and see how the mention of an inside joke or a story about a boy or a complaint about work or a laugh about last night just makes you realize that you have great friends. And although you don’t live in the same apartment, town, or state anymore doesn’t mean that your friendship dwindles or goes away.

I saw a quote on Pinterest once that said, “The most inseparable of friends are the ones that can separate and nothing changes”.

Many of my friends are out being the great people that they are; chasing their dreams of being a forensic scientist, working to become a doctor, kicking ass in the business world, travelling the country, or working hard to start over & head back to school. They often remind me I’m not alone in my life of uncertainty and trying to figure out a plan. Being back with them is a reminder that you have a home in so many different places.

You will never completely be at home again because part of your heart will always be elsewhere. That is the price of loving and knowing people in more than one place.

Until next time, friends.

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