What’s In My Journal?: Reference Pages

I am at home sick in bed desperately trying to catch up on Grey’s Anatomy before the Season 13 Premiere tomorrow night (if you’re wondering, I am on Episode 14 of Season 12… can I do it??). I drove all the way to work this morning and ended up driving home 2 hours later because I felt that bad. Being sick just sucks.

On the other hand, luckily for me (aka my journal), I was able to fill in and finish my reference pages.

I had said this last week, but you can use your bullet journal for whatever you want. My journal is not the be all and end all of journals (although I am quite proud of it!). And you will be proud of yours too if you wake it exactly what you want it to be. I wanted mine to be a way to get organized with my life’s daily activities, and also help with simple things such as saving money, grocery shopping, and packing for vacation. These are what I call my reference pages.

Financial Page


I made this a page because I suck at saving money. SUCK AT IT. But I have been very vigilant lately to save my money in an emergency fund. I want to be able to move out one day and in case anything bad ever happens (like I’m driving through the desert and my car pops all four tires and the repair is going to cost me a thousand bucks), I’ll be able to afford to save myself.

Grocery List


This is to help me when I am aimlessly walking around the Grocery store, trying to figure out what the heck is actually on my diet and what is not. This has improved my life ten fold.

Packing List


I LOVE packing. I’m not sure why. I usually end up forgetting something important (like underwear… yep that happened on family vacation summer of 2004 and I will never forget again). Now with this handy list, I don’t plan on forgetting anything again!


The best part about these reference pages is that they are completely custom to me. I got ideas from Pinterest for what should go on these lists, but from there I was able to compile reference sheets that are useful and relevant to me.

Next week (or sooner if the plague continues), I will compile a list of ideas of things you can put in the bullet journal. Eventually, I will discuss my daily pages and you guys can see the icons I use to help me with tasks. Until then, stay tuned!

Remember to be creative, organized, and proactive! That’s what bullet journaling is for. Happy Journaling!!

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